What is Asette?

Asette is a digital property investment portal, focused on off-plan property investing. Our main goal is to simplify property investing with access to digital tools, automated investment analysis, and data. Asette makes market entry transparent and easier for all investors globally.

What are the Asette services?

As a property investor, you will create your investment profile in the Asette portal and get personalized property recommendations. You can then analyse the property to project key investment metrics such as rental yield and its appreciation over time. This will allow you to better understand its market performance now and in the future. You can also access our blog with the latest information and knowledge articles on local regulations, insights, and more.

What is an off-plan property?

Off-Plan property refers to a property that is available for purchase before it has been fully constructed. Purchasing off-plan property is usually a more affordable way of purchasing a property due to its flexible payment plan options.

Which cities does Asette serve?

Our services are initially focused on Dubai's off-plan property market. We will soon offer services for Abu Dhabi, Sharjah and other UAE locations.

Who is Asette for?

Asette portal is for all property investors and buyers. Our portal enables you to make convenient, data-driven decisions. If you are new to investing, you will benefit from our investment knowledge base with unbiased information and education about the real estate market.

Does Asette offer fractional investing in a property?

Instead of offering fractional investing or ownership of properties, we are focused on providing market access to property investors with wide range of budgets, and facilitating full property purchases for highest potential returns. We can facilitate multi-party, joint investments for joint investors, families or groups of friends.

What are the benefits of using Asette?

Asette offers a number of benefits for investors, especially those new to property investing or new to local markets. 1. Your investment profile will enable you to receive personalised property recommendations and save time on property research. 2. Direct access to market data helps you to make more informed investment decisions. 3. Efficient tools for investment analysis allow you to understand your investment options within minutes, cutting down the complexity of understanding the market dynamics and making calculations. 4. Asette is an investment facilitator, and our goal is to provide the tools and data for investors to make independent, data-driven decisions for the best possible investments.

Does Asette charge service fees on property purchases?

We do NOT charge any fees on property purchases from our property investors.

Do you need personal details about me?

We are an off-plan property investment service, and our core proposition is to provide you with the most accurate, data-driven advice on property investing. To do so, we will ask you questions about your goals, status, and affordability allowing our algorithm to make the relevant calculations for the best recommendations. Please refer to our Privacy and Terms of Service.

What is the Asette investment process?

Login to your Asette account and on the property details page select the ‘Process’ tab. The process steps show you the details specific to the property developer you are reviewing.

Can I become an Asette user if I am not a UAE resident?

Yes, you can register to Asette and create your account even if you are not a resident of the UAE. Asette is catered to global markets and remote property investing.

How can I contact an Asette adviser for support?

For investment or property related queries, you can contact us via WhatsApp available on all the pages. Our adviser will get in touch with you after. Alternatively, you can schedule a meeting with our team from About Us page.