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Create your investor profile

To become an Asette investor, create your profile and strategy by following the guided steps. Create an account and your profile details will be saved for later.


View personalised property matches

Profile & strategy set up will lead you to your personalised property matches, consideration the most profitable investment potential.


View property details

Access all the fine details of the recommended properties. And get in touch with Asette advisors for any clarification or details.


Access instant market analysis

Utilise our automated market analyser for key investment metrics and calculations to assess your investment opportunity.

We gather property sales and rental data from Dubai Land Department and enrich it with our economic research. After meticulous data cleaning, we train our Machine Learning (ML) model through regression analysis on a data subset. We test the model to ensure accuracy in predicting the property and rental prices. The estimated data is then used for various investment metrics and calculations for the properties we recommend to you.


Become a property owner

Complete the purchase of your chosen property with a helping hand, through the formalities for an easy, stress free transaction.


Build your global portfolio

Grow your portfolio with Asette, and be the first to explore global properties as we expand our reach.

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