Navigating Cancellation Rights: A Guide to Dubai Off-Plan Property Purchases

Investing in off-plan properties in Dubai offers an exciting opportunity for individuals seeking to secure their future in the thriving real estate market. However, it’s essential to understand the rights of cancellation that both investors and property developers have in this process. 

In this article, we will explore the existing off-plan laws in Dubai and shed light on the various scenarios based on the percentage of project completion.  

Understanding the Off-Plan Laws in Dubai

Dubai, being a progressive city, has implemented off-plan laws to protect the interests of both investors and property developers. In 2017, His Highness Sheikh Mohammed Bin Rashid Al Maktoum introduced law No:19 on the Interim Real Estate Register in Dubai. 

This law grants the Dubai Land Department (DLD) and property developers the right to terminate an off-plan sales contract without court interference. However, it’s important to note that this law may not apply if there are private contractual agreements with the property developer.

Cancellation Procedures Based on Project Completion

When investing in off-plan properties in Dubai, it’s essential to be familiar with the cancellation procedures that depend on the project’s completion stage. The rights of cancellation are determined by specific guidelines, ensuring fairness and protection for both investors and property developers. 

Let’s explore the different scenarios based on the percentage of project completion and the corresponding procedures that come into play.

Construction Not Started

In cases where construction has not commenced due to unknown reasons, the developer has the right to retain 30% of the amounts paid by the buyer. However, the remaining funds must be returned to the buyer within 60 days after the termination of the Sales and Purchase Agreement (SPA).

Completion Below 60%

If the project completion is below 60%, the developer can retain 25% of the amounts paid by the buyer and must return the excess amount. The buyer’s money should be refunded within one year of the SPA termination or within 60 days of the property’s resale.

Completion Between 60% to 80%

For projects with completion ranging between 60% and 80%, the developer has the right to keep 40% of the amount paid by the buyer and return the remaining sum. The same conditions apply as in the case of completion below 60%.

Completion Exceeding 80%

When the project nears completion, cancellation becomes a more complex process. At this stage, the developer may choose to declare the SPA and request the buyer’s execution. 

Alternatively, the DLD may sell the property through a public auction, with any gains offsetting an unpaid balance in favor of the developer. Furthermore, the developer can unilaterally terminate the SPA, retaining 40% of the purchase price.

Refunds and RERA Resolution

In the event of project cancellation by the Real Estate Regulation Agency (RERA), the developer is obliged to refund all amounts paid by the buyer in accordance with Law No:8 of 2007, regarding Escrow Accounts for Real Estate Development in Dubai. 

These regulations ensure that investors are protected and their investments are safeguarded.

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