Dubai Off-Plan Property Investing Checklist

If you are looking to buy long-term properties and you don’t want to pay it in one go, it might be worth considering off-plan investment plans.

When you invest in off-plan property, you are holding it before it is fully constructed, so you can rest assured that after it’s done it’s all yours.

Off-plan investments typically come with flexible payment options with discounts, allowing you to better manage your cash flow.

With investment guidance based on market data and analysis tools, Asette offers it all in an attractive investment package.

Read on ahead to scrounge up some knowledge on off-plan investing before taking your big step:

Determine your investment goals

The first thing you should note before diving into real estate investments is your investment strategy.

With off-plan investment, you can gear up for some great discounts and flexible payment plans on long-term projects, given the apparent fact that they aren’t ready yet.

However, taking a few precautionary measures is best before diving in. Making such investments can be risky without trustworthy advice, data, or information guidance in the process.

Real estate markets in the Middle East have been changing drastically, making property investments a little tricky due to fierce competition, offering, and price fluctuation. It would be best to know the relevant market data and conduct your research before making any property investments.

Seek unbiased information 

If you’ve lived in Dubai long enough, you’ll be sure to have faced the hassle of dealing with agents. While agents sell about 80% of off-plan properties, their advice can be biased or misleading – especially if they are working for property developers. If you’ve been following this advice and are making badly calculated decisions, it’s time you turn to a more trustworthy source to get your information. One that won’t exploit you for their profit is Asette.

Acknowledge your rights as a consumer

Many of you may not know this but as consumers in this tricky real estate market, it’s important to recognise and practice your rights. These rights come to play, especially when you’re about to close investment deals because that’s when all the clauses come in. Chances are you may have a dispute with your property developer at some point – so it is best to cover your bases to avoid any untoward events. 

Understand the Sales Purchase Agreement before signing

Another crucial detail to keep an eye out for – is the sales contract. Don’t just skim through it – make sure that you have read through everything and understand the terms you’re agreeing to. Sometimes things can slip by or come across as too complicated to decipher – another place where our help would work wonders for you. 

When investing in off-plan property, you’d probably want to know whether you can sell it for higher prices before it’s done. Or you’d want to delve into what happens if the project isn’t finished in the claimed time. The sales contract will have the answers to all these crucial queries so keep an eye out for that. 

Keep up to date with the development status 

Did you think your job ends the moment you sign off your investment paycheck? Well, we’ve got some news because it doesn’t. Considering it will be someone’s possible future home, you probably want to make sure everything is running smoothly. 

So, after you have claimed the property, make sure that you can see the project’s current status throughout the construction process. If need be, you can receive updates that assure you that the project is moving the way you’d like it to. 

These are just some of the topics covered and supported when you invest through Asette portal. To learn more about off-plan secrets, join Asette today.