Demystifying the Off-Plan Sales Process in Dubai: Your Guide to Navigating the Real Estate Market

Investing in an off-plan property can be appealing with the attractive prices and flexible payment plans, but without sound knowledge of the market variables and the overall sales process could bring unnecessary stress and risk. This risk is usually heightened when people, especially inexperienced buyers make rather emotional decisions instead of financially savvy ones. 

While you may be well-versed in the sales process in your native country, it’s crucial to understand that every city or country may follow a different process. This is of course due to differing rules and regulations in each jurisdiction, making it in many cases more difficult to navigate the sales process without the support of a local or experienced investor.

With Asette your investment process is simplified with the support, and knowledge needed to ensure a transparent decision-making and purchase process. Below we have outlined the key steps in investing or purchasing an off-plan property in Dubai:

Decide On A Property To Invest In

Being clear about your investment goals and budget is the starting point for any investment. With Asette, you can create your investment profile, and access personalized property investment options. You have unbiased access to the property-related market metrics, to assess its potential performance and profitability. You can view different property options and simulate their performance, for easier, independent decision-making.  

Reserve The Property 

To secure the property for purchase, you will be required to pay a 5% to 20% holding deposit (also known as a booking fee) for the property. Some developers may accept a non-refundable deposit (fixed value) to hold the property for you until you proceed with other formalities such as contract signing or transfer of funds. 

Signing Sales and Purchase Agreement (SPA)

SPA is the most essential, legally binding document in the sales process stating the terms of your ownership. Make sure you have read through the entire document and understood all the conditions you are agreeing to. 

Another thing to look out for in this contract is the expected completion date, handover date, payment plan, and most importantly the conditions of re-selling the property. These tend to vary across all developers so even if you’re not looking to sell before completion, it’s best to keep your options open.


A buyer is required to pay a government registration fee to the Dubai Land Department (DLD) of around 4% of the original property price. This fee is typically paid by the buyer to the developer who will make the payment to the DLD and generate a payment voucher on behalf of the buyer. Some developers may offer DLD waivers so this is something to look out for.

Property Registration 

Once you have finalized the purchase of your off-plan property in Dubai, the next step is to register the property with the land registry. This process involves paying a fixed registration fee, which is determined based on the value 

  • Properties Valued below AED 500,000: If the value of your property falls below AED 500,000, the registration fee will be AED 2000, plus an additional 5% VAT.
  • Properties Valued above AED 500,000: For properties valued above AED 500,000, the registration fee increases to AED 4000, with an additional 5% VAT

Oqood Registration

Oqood registration is another extremely crucial step in the ownership of your future property. The government grants this pre-registration certificate to owners of off-plan properties in Dubai. Once you have agreed upon the SPA, the developer is required to issue this certificate with Dubai Land Department and notify you once issued in your name.

Property Payments

Dubai off-plan payment plans are flexible and favorable for investors. Especially if the project is recently announced and the development timeframe is set for 2-3 years. Because off-plan properties do not qualify for local mortgages, property developers offer flexible payment plans, some of which offer a monthly payment schedule of up to 7 years. 

While you are not obligated to finish the entire payment of your property before receiving handover rights, you still need to complete the payments agreed upon in your payment plan. If there have been delays in your payment, there may be complications to settle later so make sure you make the transfers into the Escrow account set by your developer.

Project Completion

The developer is obligated to finish the project by the expected completion date agreed in the SPA. Once the project has been completed, you can schedule a pre-delivery inspection to make sure that the quality of your property is as per specifications and agreed terms. The final inspection should be booked for about 7 days before the handover. 


The developer will send you a handover agreement that you will need to sign to confirm that you have inspected and are under the ownership of your property in Dubai. 

Asette: Simplifying Off-Plan Property Investments in Dubai

Investing in off-plan properties in Dubai can offer attractive benefits, such as discounted prices and flexible payment plans. However, navigating the sales process and understanding the market variables can be challenging, especially for inexperienced buyers. Making financially savvy decisions and seeking the support of local or experienced investors is crucial to minimize stress and risks.

At Asette, we simplify the investment process by providing the necessary support and knowledge to ensure transparent decision-making and a smooth purchase process. Our platform allows you to create an investment profile, access personalized property investment options, and analyze market metrics to assess potential performance and profitability. 

With unbiased information and the ability to simulate property performance, you can make informed and independent investment decisions. Take advantage of our platform to simplify your investment journey and unlock the potential of the Dubai real estate market.